Composer News:

Electronic Etude No. 1 was selected for performance at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City in late September.

My newest composition Recurrence for flute and piano has been published by NoteworthySheetMusic!  To view the publication please visit their website:

In July, I will be attending the Atlantic Music Festival.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the funding of this trip!  Details on the festival can be found here:


Touring new music piano duo HOCKET premiered my piece Fantasy in March 2017.



Charlie Young and Pedro Alliprandini toured Vectors, one of my newer pieces for clarinet, alto saxophone and electronics, throughout the southeastern United States in late March and early February of 2017.

Electronic Etude No. 1

Electronic Etude No. 1 took 2nd place in the Electrobrass II Competition at Tennessee Technological University in April 2017.