Electronic Etude No. 2 - Swing Reflections

Electronic Etude No. 2 – Swing Reflections is a piece that explores the subtleties of live delay and panning manipulations. These manipulations are coupled with harmonies and rhythms that can be associated with jazz and/or blues. The resulting aesthetic is one of interpersonal conflict. The harmonies imply a sense of relaxation and comfort, but the trajectory of the electronics coupled with the trajectory of the development of the musical materials conveys panic. The dissonance between the harmony and the development in the piece, both acoustic and electronic, creates a reflective, almost dream-like environment. Whether or not the dream in question is good or bad is entirely up to the listener.

Electronic Etude No. 2 is the second in a series of pieces for solo instrument and live electronics aimed at exploring certain, often basic, electronic manipulations. This work was commissioned by my friend Christopher C. Williams.